About me

My name is Julie Kähler. I was born in 1958 in Bristol, UK, am married and have three children.

Qualifications: RGN, DPP, BSc Ed (hons) Science/Physics,QTS, CAPS TEFL

City and Guilds Dispensing Technician’s Certificate

Registered General Nurse  (RGN)

Diploma in Pre-School Practice (DPP)

Degree: University of Exeter, GB, Graduated in 1999, BSc Ed(hons) Science/Physics, with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

Certificate in Postgraduate Studies Teaching English as a Foreign Language (CAPS TEFL)

Since 2000 teacher of English / Business English

Since 2005 lecturer at Vhs Herzogenaurach

In 2010 start-up Essential English Language Training

In 2016 opened new course room in Weisendorf, Neustadter Str. 8

Since 2018 Qualified Tourist Guide for Herzogenaurach


More than 1000 lessons Business and Technical English at adidas and other companies

Honorary teacher of English at Gymnasium Höchstadt/Aisch

Business English Seminar at Gymnasium Herzogenaurach

Lecturer for English at the Vhs Herzogenaurach (Adult Education Centre)

English Playtime for pre-school and primary school aged children

English for the Pharmacy for the ‘Herz- und Stadt Apotheke’ in Herzogenaurach

Proofreading academic papers for the paediatric cardiac surgery department at the University Hospital of Erlangen

Translating academic papers (German to English) for the paediatric cardiac surgery department University Hospital of Erlangen

Proofreading and stylising diverse Master Theses

Book translation: Arthrose Der Weg zur Selbstheilung Das Buch (Felsburg Verlag)

Translation of tour guide scripts for Stadt Herzogenaurach